Deploying to a custom installation folder on another environment when deploying to another

Can it be done?

More Context:
When deploying to Production, we require a custom made release package to be created and stored on a machine in our Dev environment. I have already scripted and created the steps necessary to create the custom package however, I can’t figure out the best way to deploy the files to the machine in Dev while scoped for deploying to Production.


Thanks for reaching out. You could do something like this:

  1. On Environments click on the Dev machine, and on the Environments field add the Production environment as well as the Dev one. This will make the machine available on both environments.

  2. On the same screen as (1) add a new role called “DevMachine” to this machine.

  3. Open the step you created to create the custom package and scope it to the Production environment and to the role “DevMachine”

This way when you deploy to Producton, the step to create the custom package will be executed only on the machines with the role “DevMachine”

Hope that helps,

Thanks Dalmiro!
I knew it was something along those lines. Just had a few things out of order.