Deploying the same Package to multiple paths on the same Tenant using multiple Steps


After the 3.4.0 update, I see a package deployed to the same Tenant multiple times (different paths using different steps) causes the subsequent steps to be skipped.

The project has the setting “Skip any package step that is already installed” checked - so, by default a deployment will not re-deploy a previously deployed package.

The steps look as follows:

  • Step 1 - deploys PackageA to C:\my-app

  • Step 2 - deploys the same PackageA to C:\my-app-demo1

  • Step 3 - deploys the same PackageA to C:\my-app-demo2

In the scenario above, Step 2 and 3 show a log entry saying, “The package has already been installed on this machine, so installation will be skipped.”

This changed from 3.3.x and previous - will it be possible to achieve the functionality as before without having to use multiple packages or multiple projects?


This was either fixed in 3.4.4 or never really an issue.

Closing the thread.