Deploying Node.js App and running NPM Install post deployment

(Robert Earnshaw) #1

We are trying to deploy an Azure Web Application via Octopus Deploy. Due to the filename constraints of microsoft we have had to take out the node_modules folder from our Nuget package. This means that we are having to run npm install post deployment via the Kudu console in the azure portal.

I have spent some time to try and work out a way to run this via Octopus without needing to use the Azure Portal and managed to do it via the Kudu API, however I feel like I must be missing something. Is there a way to run the NPM Install command through Octopus without having to go via the Kudu API?

(John Simons) #2

Hi Robert,

I think this limitation you are talking about is a limitation in creating the nuget package, but given this is a nodejs app, we don’t need nuget at all, we can use a simple zip file. Rob wrote a really good blog post about it, read, and let me know if you still have issues after the recommended modifications in that blog post.