Deploying multiple projects via Octo.exe

Is this possible? There’e preexisting solutions that my developers are checking in that splits up into multiple nuget packages. Preferably I’d have a single solution checked in but I need a quick fix. Is there a popular method that customers are using to deploy multiple projects? Right now I’m deriving which projects get deployed to servers via EC2 tags.

Let me know.



Hi Matthew,

Thanks for reaching out. You can only trigger 1 deployment at a time with Octo.exe, but you can call it as many times as you want from a script.

I must say though I’m not sure I’m totally following your scenario. If that super short answer above doesn’t quite answer your question, please come back to me explaining your scenario a bit more. A few questions that you could answer are:

  • Which version of Octopus are you running?
  • How are you currently deploying your apps? This would help me understand your current needs. If you could describe the current or the expected process with steps and examples, that would be great.

Best regards,