Deploying Maven package to calamari on Linux - jar unsupported

Hey guys,

I’ve got a Nexus Maven repository that I’m pushing too from Teamcity - that bit all works fine.

I’ve hooked it up to Octo as an external feed and I can see the package - that bit all works fine.

However when I am running a deploy package step to push the package over to a Linux host I’m getting :

"System.IO.FileFormatException: Unsupported file extension .jar"

I rechecked the doco ( ) and I don’t see why jar would be unsupported considering Maven repo’s are.

Any tips?

Hi Justin,

Thank you for getting in touch. The jar package format is only supported by the “Deploy Java Archive” step, and not the “Deploy a Package” step.

I am not sure why that is, but I will ask the appropriate people and get back to you with an explanation.


Hi Justin,

I’ve spoken to the relevant team, and the reason the Deploy a Package step does not support jar is that jar files are not always zip files and can require Java to be installed on the destination for extraction.

We also did not anticipate that jar files would be used in a manner compatible with the Deploy a Package step. The Deploy Java Archive step will re-package the jar correctly after applying transforms.

Are you expecting the files to stay extracted on the destination server (which is what the Deploy a Package step does? Are you able to use tgz or zip files instead? If not we may consider allowing the extraction of jar files in a future version.

Ah that makes sense, yes I have just configured deploy java archive and that will do what I need.

Thanks for your help.

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