Deploying files not packages

We have a small team where the majority of development is front end based. So our system allows the producers to deploy files separately to the staging and production environments. The producers work in SVN branch that has the current production dotNet build. Currently I use a file synchronization tool and Jenkins to manage deployments but Im curious if I could Octopus instead for deploy the files instead of packaging and deploying the whole site as a Nuget package?

Hi Scott,

You could use PowerShell Script Steps in Octopus rather than NuGet Package Steps to perform your file sync, that would certainly work. From your script you can still access variables in Octopus, so if you need to perform different configuration depending on environment you could automate this with PowerShell. However some built-in conventions (like Web.config updates and transforms, or IIS configuration) won’t be available unless you are using NuGet packages.

Hope that helps!