Deploying entire private networks

I’m building an application that is not a traditional service application, but one that facilitates communication between nodes in a network (for this purpose, let’s say a LAN network). Therefore each “environment” in my architecture is actually a private network. I would like to deploy one instance of my app on each node in the network. Let’s say I have two networks: Test network and Production network. I would deploy to my Test network such that each node (which is just a machine running .NET and listening on a port) will have the latest version of the application. And if everything is working fine, I’d promote the changes to the Production network, which would push my app to every node in the Production network.

Does Octopus support these kinds of scenarios? If so, how would I go about setting the topology of the environments? Thank you.

Hi Anshul,

Thanks for getting in touch! The scenario you are describing below is the exact scenario that Octopus is designed for.
You would have an Octopus Server, and many Tentacles on the servers you need to push your application to.
You create a project within Octopus, and two Environments and each Tentacle machine is added to their environment.
You create a release and push to Test, and if it succeeds you promote that release to Production.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply. I will try this out and let you know it it’s working for my scenario.