Deploy without Tentacle Service & Octopus

This builds on functionality that was introduced in today’s release (

I think a lot of corporate developers are going to want to see Neil’s second idea implemented:

“perhaps Octopus could still manage the variables for the environment, and ‘generate’ a batch file or set of instructions for the admin to run locally.”

As everyone knows it’s important to follow, as closely as possible, the same steps for deploying to all environments. While the update to allow a single package to be deployed via command line is great it doesn’t get my company to where we need to be. We need the installation to happen just as it would if we clicked the promotion button in Octopus. Is there a way to create an enhancement like Neil describes above where Octopus creates some kind of batch file that would run all the steps in a normal deployment via the command line? Basically instead of “deploy-package” I want to “deploy-release” and pass it some kind of file that the tentacle knows how to read and complete the deployment exactly as it would if it had been initiated from Octopus.

I think this would be a very beneficial enhancement.

Thanks for all your work,

Hi Jarrod,

Thanks for your suggestion, that is our goal. We figured it was best to release the “basic” version of this (tentacle.exe deploy-package) to unblock people, before we start work on the larger task.

Our plan is to have Octopus build an executable with Tentacle and the packages/scripts embedded inside it for each release. The executable would have a simple wizard (showing release notes/version info, the user can then select the machine’s role, and an Install button) as well as a command line version.

The role selection will be important because the deployment may have different packages/steps intended for different roles. So when running on a web server, the user might check the “web-server” role checkbox for example.

It’s a feature that will probably be in our 1.5 release, but hopefully yesterday’s release is enough to help.



That is great news! This will be fantastic once it is complete! I am
actively trying to get my company to purchase your product and this was one
of their main concerns: That production deployments would need to be done
differently. They’ll be really pleased to know this is going to be
addressed. Hopefully it will be enough to get them to move forward on using
your product.

Out of curiousity, do you have any kind of timeframe for the 1.5 release?

Thanks again,

This is something that we are eagerly waiting for as well.

Me Too…

+1 on this, I think it will be a great improvement for many of us too.