Deploy to machine name from a variable


I’m trying to build a deployment step to deploy to machine names from a variable.

I have some static VMs under a server that I want to push worker processes to for a main service.

The main VM has tentacle installed and the main service pushes to there fine, but I then want a step to push workers to the VMs under that server.

Sounds strange I know, but there are isolation issues that mean I need to look at doing it like this.

The only build step I have deploys to the target tag, but I don’t want tentacle inside the VMs for size.



Hi Simon,

Thanks for reaching out, and it sounds like you have a very unique use case!

While I feel like I have a high-level understanding of your process and limitations, it might be good to jump on a call and talk through things so that I can provide the best advice for your situation - if that sounds okay, just let me know and I can send over my availability for the next few days.

Also, if you have any other supporting documentation that provides additional context around your environment/process, feel free to upload it to the following secure link (so you don’t have to post it to the public thread).

Looking forward to hearing back from you,


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