Deploy to azure for dev, test and then to on-prem IIS staging/prod in one pipeline from VSTS?


I´m just in the beginning steps of trying out OctopusDeploy but I have a questionI need answered before I decide to go all in.
The question is:

Can I use OD in VSTS to create a pipeline for dev/test that are on Azure and then use the same pipeline to push to on premise IIS staging/production?

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Hi Sturla,

Thanks for getting in touch! Not only you can, but its one of the most common use scenarios out there :slight_smile:

You’ll basically need the following blocks in your processes


  • Have a build step that compiles your app, and then packages it into a Nuget package and pushes it to your repository.

  • Have another step that triggers a release creation and a deployment in Octopus to your Dev environment.

The Package,Pushing,and Release Creation can all be done using our VSTS extension

In Octopus Deploy

  • Have a step in your build process that’s scoped to your dev/test environments that deploys your web app to azure. Since this step will be scoped only to dev/test, it’ll only run when you deploy to those environments.

  • Have another step that deploys your app to IIS, and scope it only to staging/production.

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If you are doing your first steps with Octopus, I personally recommend you to start with the Octopus part of the above process, until you understand how to set this up from the Web UI. Once you have deployments flowing to Azure and IIS as expected, then start dipping your toes into the integration with VSTS.