Deploy some version to another enviornment via API

Hi there,

I wanted to implement a cmdlet that gets the last deployed version of a project in a specific environment and then deploy it to another environment. Is it possibile to implement this in 1.6 or must I migrate to 2.x?
Are there some examples to see how to use the REST api via powershell?

ps: I was looking for the 1.6 api reference. Where can I find it?


Hi Andrea,

We never had an API reference for 1.6 unfortunately. I think if you go to a project you can get a list of the recent deployments per environment. Then you can use that to work out which version to promote.

In 2.0 we added an octo.exe promote-release command that does this automatically.


Ok, we managed to implement what we needed with a mix of api calls and the octo.exe deploy-release command. Once we finish migrating to 2.x we’ll benefit of the promote-release :slight_smile: Thanks!