Deploy release button not working on release 'Deploy release' page


I have created a team named ‘UniCloud Team’ and assigned permissions to this team. Members of this team are under active directory group. None of the members are able to deploy the release. The Deploy Release button at the bottom of the Deploy release page doesn’t seem to work. When I clicked advanced link next to Deploy now button, it showed a red box with no message inside it(image named Ocopus deploy error.png is attached with this message). Steps that I followed are :

  1. Login
  2. Clicked on UniCloud Build v4.x.x.x project on dashboard
  3. Clicked on Releases link
  4. On Releases page clicked on link
  5. On Release page clicked on Deploy to… link
  6. On Deploy release page selected the environment form the list box and clicked on select button
  7. Clicked on Advanced link
  8. Skipped all steps except one
  9. Clicked on Deploy Release button

Deploy Release button doesn’t work. No messages or errors are shown on the page. Maybe I am missing a permission or two, please help!

Permissions granted to the team is attached with this message with file name Ocopus deploy permissions.png

I have done this on IE version 11.0.9600, Chrome version 46.0.2490.80 m and firefox 39.0. I am using Octopus Deploy manager version 3.1.6 and Octopus Deploy Tentacle version 3.1.6.

Can anyone guide me to the link on web where details of permissions granted to a custom team are described.


Ankit Shah


Thanks for reaching out. Could you please go to that page in Chrome, then open the developer tools’ JavaScript console and click on “Deploy now”. That should trigger an error in the console. Try collapsing the error as much as possible and let me know if you find a more clear error message there.