Deploy.ps1 from old deployment executed

We have just completed our first major deploy after upgrading to 3.0, and unfortunately, we had a few issues. I will try to report them separately to keep track of them.

When deploying our project, we got some errors about an ps1/exe file that was running, which actually shouldn’t have been. We determined that the Deploy.ps1 from an old deployment was still in the target folder from before, and Octopus was trying to execute it, even though it was no longer part of the deployment package. So it seems that Octopus simply looks for the PS files in the target directory, instead of checking if they were actually put there by the current deployment. I’m not sure if this was always an issue, or is new with 3.0, but the Deploy.ps1 files were quite old, so it seems like it might be a new issue with 3.0.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve created a github issue to discuss this with the team. You can read my thoughts on how I think it should behave over here