Deploy.ps1 fails 'try' is not recognized as a cmdlet

The tentacle is deploying to Windows 2003 R2 service with Powershell v1.0. The Deploy.ps1 script does not have the command ‘try’ in it, but the error message seems to be complaining about it anyway.

I ran tentacle.exe run-script -f deploy.ps1 in the deployed folder and got the same message. I can only assume that some wrapper powershell in the containng powershell host is actually what is failing.

Is this a powershell version issue?
Any ideas?

Contents of Script?

Hi Mike,

We put a Try around a bootstrap script that we use to call your script, and as you have guessed, we assume PowerShell 2.0 is installed.

For Windows Server 2003 you can get it from here:

Hope that helps,


Thanks Paul. Confirmed. We had only powershell 1.0 on that target.

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