Deploy Octopus in IIS Azure Virtua Machine select files nupkg


I would like to know, How can I select specific files in .nupkg when I deploy in my Azure VM with IIS (Windows Server).
My nupkg has two projects, but I want only to select one of them to deploy, and not both.

I am using VSTS to build (Task Package App - Octopus and Task Push Packages). I don’t want to have two Builds_Octoups in specifics solution Visual Studio (*.sln)
I have only one build with ***.sln to packages octopus

Because I am using the Task Publish VSTS automatically makes me 2 files separated files zip. Very easy with Task VSTS Publish, but I want to use the Tasks Octopus with Deploy Server Octopus

Please help

Best regards

Ernesto Ono

Hi Ernesto,

Thanks for getting in touch! Octopus will always deploy the entire contents of the package during a package step, and we’d recommend splitting the two projects into their own respective nupkg files in order to deploy them separately. Otherwise it would require a good amount of custom scripting in order to remove the unnecessary files after deployment, which would probably get very complex very quickly and may not be easily manageable.

I’m sorry it’s not better news! Let me know what you think or if you have any further questions. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


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