Deploy Nuget Package and setup IIS Authentication label unclear

In the IIS Authentication mode of the deploy step (see screenshot) the explanation labels are confusing. Both Basic auth and Windows auth say "Wheteher IIS should allow X " followed by the phrase “with a 401 challenge.” which indicates to me that something is NOT allowed. Could these labels be made a little clearer?


Thanks for dropping us a line. It is assumed that the user configuring IIS Authentication for a web deployment has a high enough level understanding of the Authentication Modes that the short explanations should provide enough of an idea about what the effects of the checkbox would be. If the user needs a deeper understanding about IIS concepts we would recommend delving into msdn documentation for a more in depth coverage.
That being said we are always keen to hear feedback about what difficulties our users are running into when using our product so will take your comments on board and consider how this could be made clearer.
Thanks again

Problem with these two labels is that the say two conflicting things. both that it is allored and at that it is not allowed (the 401) bit. So I think the bit about the 401 needs removing? So regardless of how IIS works, how can this both be true…

Thanks for your feedback on this topic. I will raise it with the rest of the team and see where it goes from there.