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I currently have some 60 deployment targets for my production. The targets all need their own configs so I send all of that through the octopus variables. So each server that gets deployed to gets its own config through a massive variables file. We are trying to switch to Kubernetes, but now there is only one target. How do I deploy 60 times to Kubernetes for each server making a new service and pod for each? Is this a bad use for octopus?

Hi @samuelt12, thanks for reaching out.

From your description it sounds like you currently have 60 deployments that are configured for each target. How you replicate this deployment in Kubernetes depends on how you separate out those 60 deployments within a cluster.

Kubernetes namespaces would be a good option for separating individual deployments. If that is the case, you could create 60 Kubernetes targets where each target has a unique namespace. This would also allow you to continue to scope configuration based on targets like you do today.

Otherwise you may look at using tenants as a way of scoping the configuration for each deployment. There is more information on using tenants at

However you deploy your applications, Octopus should be able to model this in Kubernetes. If my assumptions about using namespaces was incorrect, or you need more information on modelling Kubernetes deployments, please feel free to reach out and we’ll do our best to provide a solution.

Matt C

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