Deploy multiple packages to a singe azure web app

We have a deployment process where we have taken vendor provided artifacts and created separate deployment packages from them. This has a couple benefits for us. One, simplifies the upgrade process when a vendor has a new release, as all our modifications are in our own custom project. Two it keeps package sizes down, the vendor packages are big, but don’t change very often, while our custom package is small and created for every commit. The deployment process deploys the different packages to the same directory. This way our modifications overwrite any original files.

We are looking into moving the application to an azure web app and wondering how this deployment process will translate. Can we deploy multiple packages to a single azure web app or do we need to create a single package?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for reaching out! I wasn’t sure that Azure could support partial deployments, so I tested it with my webapp in order to confirm, and Azure does support partial deployments. However, it’s not something we generally recommend. An example of why is if you added a new Azure account that you may want to deploy this app to, figuring out which releases you’d need to deploy to it in order to get it working could get difficult.

An important thing to note when doing these partial deployments, is the Octopus.Action.Azure.RemoveAdditionalFiles variable as shown in our documentation. Ensure that variable is not enabled, as it will delete files which are not found in the source package.

Let us know if you have any further questions!


Hi Kenny,

I don’t think you understand. All of these packages make up a single install process.

Step 7 is install package 1. Step 8 is install package 2. Step 9 is install package 3.

Ideally there would be a Deploy Packages step where we choose multiple packages for the single deploy step.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for following up with that clarification. I’m very sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

Building a single package containing the whole app would need to be done in order to deploy it in one deployment step. Separate packages will have to be deployed from separate steps as you have been doing.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions!