Deploy Microservices using AWS API Gateway and Lambda API backend

Are there any use cases / blogs which I can refer to define the deployment process of microservices using AWS API Gateway, Lambdas using Octopus deploy.

I have read blog below

but was thinking its complex when trying to deploy individual lambda lifecycles and process around rollbacks and hotfixes.

Please point me to any other documentation/ steps if available in this case?

Greetings @vaibhavn, thanks for reaching out! Your timing is fortuitous, this is something that I’ve worked on recently :slight_smile: Here is a link to an unpublished blog post that deploys to this very scenario - blog/ at automate-guided-failure-lambda · OctopusDeploy/blog · GitHub. In addition, here is an example of it in action - Octopus Deploy

Hope this helps!


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