Deploy legacy asp classic websites


I would like to bring an old thread on the table. (

Is there any news regarding to this in the latest version of Octopus?


Hi Ben,

Thanks for reaching out! Things changed a bit since that post:

With the introduction of .NET core projects, we couldn’t rely on the csproj file with Octopack anymore, so we introduced a set of Pack and Push commands to our command line tool Octo.exe.

Pack -
Push -

It should be a fairly simple task to hook these 2 up in your build process so the Pack command targets the folder where you have your final website, and the Push command pushes the package to your repository.

Additionally, if you are using one of the below build servers, we added these 2 functionalities as new steps in the latest versions of the Octopus Plugins for them:

TeamCity -

TFS 2015 / Visual Studio Online -

Hope that helps,