Deploy Each New Version Of Package At One Location(Folder) Using Upload Package Button

As per our requirement:

  1. We get the build package of our solution from TFS online in a .zip format as supported by Octopus.
  2. We need to publish websites and windows services by using the Upload Package option on the Library tab of Octopus Web Portal.
  3. Also, we have checked the Automatic Release Creation option for our respective project so that whenever we upload a package through Library tab, a release will be automatically created.
  4. On clicking deploy for the newly created release, a new version is created, which goes on publishing the package with folder having different version number each time.(Refer Version_Folders.png)
  5. We want to avoid this versioning at directory levels. Example – Once I upload a package of Website A then I need to publish the deployment to only one folder which is the IIS virtual directory of the respective site.
  6. Now, if I have a new version package of the same Website A and we upload the same from Library tab, the package should replace the contents of the same IIS Virtual Directory in step 4 and should not create a new version folder for the same.

Kind suggest in order to achieve this requirement.



Thanks for getting in touch! You should be able to use the custom installation directory option for this. Using a custom install directory also gives you the option to Purge the directory before installation/extraction.
Though I will mention that Octopus is modeled to create a new folder for each deployment even if it is the same as form safety. If you unpack to an active site where people are viewing you break the site for the duration of the installation process. Because of this, we unpack and run transforms/scripts in a new directory, at the end of the installation the files are then either moved or IIS is re-pointed to the new directory.
Saying that, there is a good documentation page on how this is done linked below.

Please let me know if this helps.