Deploy azure linux web app

(valeriob) #1

we are deploying some AspNetCore web application to azure linux web app service. It’s configured to deploy as code (not container) and we added the application setting suggested to make it work WEBSITE_WEBDEPLOY_USE_SCM=false.
Problem is, every time we deploy with octopus, we need to stop the web application from the azure portal, and start it again to make it work (not even the restart button works).

How can we deploy a web app in this service without manual intervention ?

(Shannon Lewis) #3


Thanks for getting in touch. We haven’t had any other reports that I can recall of this happening with the Linux deployments. It was often a problem previously but the SCM deployments have the option to use app_offline.htm to bring down the app for the deployment (we expose this as Enable AppOffline in the step). I can’t find any documentation that says that same flag won’t work for the non-SCM deployments. Do you have that flag checked currently in the step? If not, could you give that a try and see if that resolves it?