Deploy all projects with one button click

We have multiple projects with their variables configured for deployment. For instance, lets say we have
1 web app and 3 Web Services

We usually deploy them separately but there are instances where we want to deploy them together.i.e, we don’t want our release engineer to have to click 4 different butttons but just click once and deploy all. To achieve this, we created a project that is made of the feeds for the above mentioned projects but then we realized that we had to re-create all the variables and values since they are associated with a project.

So my question is if there is an easy way to create a deployment project that is made up of other projects so that we don’t have to enter the variable values twice.

Yep, I second this request. There should be some way to either click a button called Multi-Project Deploy, and see all of the project and click the target environment, and check whether or not you want to deploy the project (and what version). It’d be even cooler to just define a Multi-Project Profile, so I can do this all of the time.

We have about 8 projects we deploy for each release, would like to just say - Go - and not have to click around a bunch.

But overall this application ROCKS.

I third that request.
The concept of having multiple projects deployed as one solution would be a great feature, especially with the increasing market for cloud technology.

We’ve done this out of the box by using a “Full Deployment” project with a step for each of our sub deployments. Each of the steps is just a PowerShell script that uses create-release with deploy from Octo.exe for each of the projects. We keep the release number in sync between our projects this way, although in previous iterations we used the API to get the latest release instead.

It would be great if this were built in, but it is definitely do-able today.

I had the same issue, the solutions so far:
First i used the rest-api to trigger the octopus deployment, but it was still not so easy to deploy the same webapp many time with diffrent config on the same host.
Last trick is to make octopus deploy locally with msdeploy, it makes it more complicated to create the nuget package and you have to code a deploy.ps1. Small bonus msdeploy can setup the complete site etc…
I wish there where more directly support for msdeploy in octopus :wink: