Deploy a Release Template Fails with cannot find Machine

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In our Octopus environment we have a full deploy project that deploys other Octopus project releases. We’re using the “Deploy a Release” template to facilitate this. Intermittently the full deploy errors with:

The step failed: Activity Deploy Ig Enterprise on a Worker failed with error ‘You must deploy to at least one machine in the environment.
Once you have corrected these problems you can try again.
If the problem is related to a variable you will need to update the variables for this release or recreate the release for the changes to take effect.
If the problem is related to the deployment process you will need to create a new release for the changes to take effect.’.

On any processes that are using the “Deploy a Release” template. The referenced projects do have machines tied to the specific environment we are trying to deploy to. When deploying the individual project it is able to find the machine in the specified environment. Or workaround for now is to deploy each project manually when the above error occurs. We did a tentacle health check and those machines were in a good state. We’re using v2019.1.4 of Octopus deploy.


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