Deploy a release failure

I’ve created a new project, lets call it “Release”, that its main purpose to deploy other projects using “Deploy a release”.
For now Ive created only one step to deploy one another project “FE”.

My “Release” project settings for option “Multi-tenant Deployments” is “Require a tenant for a deployment”.
Ive a “Stable”, “Unstable” and “Demo” Channels, Im trying deploy for Tenant that’s attached to “Unstable” channel and “Development” Environment.

When I create deploy, I choose the unstable channel, the relevant tenant and the “Development” Environment. But i keep getting this error:

The step failed: Activity Deploy FE on a Worker failed with error 'Releases in the 'Demo' channel can only be deployed to matching tenants. 'VelotixNetAzure' is missing one or more of those tags. Once you have corrected these problems you can try again

Why is trying to do deploy for a demo channel, when i specifically selected the unstable channel ?
Plz assist, as the link error is not working !

Hi @maisam,

Thanks for getting in touch!

When a Release is created within Octopus it is linked to a specific channel. At that point, it isn’t possible to deploy that release to any other channel.
I create release Test.1.0.0 in Channel Demo.
If I try to deploy release Test.1.0.0 and select Channel Unstable it will still deploy in Channel Demo.

Could this explain the behaviour that you’re seeing?

If you use the Create Release option in Octopus and set the Channel there to Unstable are you then able to deploy successfully?