"Deploy a Package" step using wrong artifact

I have a process step of “Deploy a Package” with a condition of Channel=Release, but the step is deploying a package from my Dev channel.

I have put a pre-release tag on my version rules for my Release channel of ^.*-dev to try and prevent the dev packages from getting picked up as well.

In the Dashboard in Octopus the versions look correct, but when I deploy in Octopus I can see that is is picking up the dev package:

Deploying package: C:\Octopus\Files\SecureCom.SCScheduleAPI@S2.15.2.9-dev@699288044B9CCF4FB30C5335A8722573.nupkg
Purging the directory ‘C:\Deploy\SecureCom\SCScheduleAPI-’
Copying package contents to ‘C:\Deploy\SecureCom\SCScheduleAPI-’
Copied 245 files

The dev package does have a higher version than the release package: >
I’ve tried about everything I know but am having no luck.

Thanks for the help!

For anyone finding this thread and wanting to know the solution:

The following regex will select all packages that dont have “-dev” for the pre-release tags: ^(?!.*dev$).*$

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