Delta compression - to skip package installation

In our deployment we handle multiple packages as part of the process. In certain situations some packages will not be available and due to limitation of Octopus we have to either select the old pacakge from the Nuget feed OR someone needs to manually skip a step to avoid installation of old pkgs.

If we select the old package, un-necessarily we are installing the same old pacakge, wasting / increasing the deployment time. Since delta compression does the compare against what is already there and what is changed, if I deploy the same old package, and since there will be no difference, would it skip the package installation?

In case of manually skipping a step involves manual discretion and wanted to avoid.

Please suggest


Hi Badal,

Thanks for reaching out. You can configure your project to avoid uploading the package if that version was already uploaded. You can change this setting in your project under Projects -> [Project name] -> Settings -> Package re-deployment -> Skip packages that are already installed

If you enable that setting, the package wont be uploaded, but the deployment step will still run (pre/post/deploy scripts, IIS configurations, service setup, etc). You’ll be only saving yourself the package upload time (which is usually what takes the longest in deployments).

Hope that helps


Hi Dalmira,

That’s good but the comment under that setting is confusing.

Octopus can check whether the same version of an included NuGet package has already been installed on the deployment target and skip further deployment of the package. By default, Octopus will always re-install every included package.

By this, does it mean even further deployment of that package will be skipped?


Hi Badal,

Thanks for the reply.

What it means is that the package won’t be re-downloaded because it should already exist on the Tentacle. If you’ve skipped the step then it won’t be re-deployed either.

Hope that makes sense