Deleting an Environment gives permission to ALL environments

I set up an environment that ended up being unnecessary. I had given a group permission to only deploy to that environment.

When I went into the permissions screen that permission had changed to deployment to all environments.

Certainly not the behaviour we expected.

Hi Trevor,

After deleting the environment the permission would still reference the old
environment ID (Octopus uses a document database so referential integrity
isn’t applied). But when the permissions page is loaded, the environment
doesn’t exist, so it is shown as ‘all’. It wouldn’t have actually allowed
users to deploy to any environment since the underlying permission is still
scoped to an (albeit nonexisting) environment. We’ll fix this display bug
next release.


Paul Stovell
Octopus Deploy
W: | T: @octopusdeploy

That’s reassuring. It was pretty bad optics though. I’ll make sure to pass your explanation on to the people I was demoing too.