Delete old Octopus backups

My server is getting filled with backups in C:\Octopus\Backups - and eventually my machine will run out of disk space.

Is there a way to setup Octopus to remove old backups?

Likely I only need backups for the last month.

Hi Morten,

Not currently - we’ll be adding this feature next release.

If you upgrade to the latest release (2.3.3) it should result in smaller backups however (between 2x and 10x smaller).


Is this feature implemented?

Hi Lars,

Thanks for the getting in touch! Under the backups page in the configuration of Octopus, you can set a retention policy specifically for backups.

Hope this helps!

I can not find that functionality, maybe our version is to old (2.0.13)


Hi Lars,

Yes you are correct, good luck with your upgrade :slight_smile: