Default tenant variable values show up as the same color as customized ones

We just upgraded from 4.1.1 to 2018.6.13 and noticed that on our tenant variables coming from our project, that the default values do not show up anymore as a lighter color than the customized ones. This helped us differentiate what would be populated with a default value and ones we have changed. I have a screenshot attached of what it looks now with a default value. Unfortunately, I don’t have a screenshot from what it looked like before the upgrade so I’ve mocked one up the best I could.

We were wondering what was the decision behind the change and if it could be changed back in the future?


Hi Matt,

Thanks for getting in touch.

You are correct. This appears to be a regression due to a fix to an earlier issue (released in version 4.1.8) where long or multiline values were not able to be viewed properly via the input’s placeholder text.

We agree this is annoying and no longer intuitive, so we’ve created a GitHub issue here that you can track to be notified when a fix is available.


Thanks for looking into this, Mark!

We will be eagerly awaiting a fix to it. :grinning:

Thanks again!