Database deployments

What about database deployments? Can Octopus handle this? Can we do a database deployment to one server and the MVC app to another in the same deployment?

Hi Craig,

You can. You would have two “Steps” in your project:

  • Step 1: deploy the database (using a tool like DbUp,, DropkicK, or EF Code First Migrations)
  • Step 2: deploy the MVC app

I’ll try to get some KB articles written showing how to set this up step-by-step.

Hope that helps,


Hi Craig,

In case it is useful, here’s a blog post showing how I would handle database deployments in Octopus:


Hello Paul,

This seems to be an old post but relevant to what I am looking for.

Do you have any KB article for EF Code First Migrations? Can you point me to it?


Hi Altaf,

Thanks for getting in touch! We do not have anything specific, but I did find this blog article:

Hope that helps!