Dashboard variables not working with Grafana Plugin

We’re using the latest Grafana plugin (0.0.47).
When defining variables in dashboards the datasource does not work correct.

The values are not retrieved.

When I explore the data source and show the “spaces table” or “environments table” all values are shown correct.

Is this a bug in the plugin or should we need to configure the variables in an other way?

Hi @toni.wenzel2,

Thanks for reaching out!

Can I ask how your Data Source is configured for the Octopus Deploy plugin?

Would you be able to send over a screenshot of the page, please?

As this will contain the address of your Octopus server, feel free to upload to our secure upload environment here: Support Files.

You should be able to go to Configuration → Data Sources (within Grafana), then select the Octopus Deploy data source.

The API key shouldn’t be visible, this is fine, as long as I can see the URL format you’ve supplied and that the green check with “Data source is working” displays when you click “save and test”.

I just tested with the most recent version of the plugin myself and a local instance and all seems fine - are you using Octopus Cloud or Octopus Server?

Have you tested importing the sample dashboard that we provide to see if this loads correctly? The dashboard can be imported with this URL: Octopus Deployments Overview dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs

I’m looking forward to hearing back, hopefully, we can get this resolved for you.

Kind Regards,

Hi @adam.hollow ,

we’re using Octopus Server.
The data source is configured properly and is tested successfully.

Yes, we’re using your provided dashboard.
Which Grafana Version do you use?
Is there a logging or debug option to see which API endpoints are called and what is returned?

Hi @toni.wenzel2,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I did some more digging on my Grafana install and I can see I’m actually having the same issue you’re experiencing, the queries in the variables section don’t appear to be returning results but when I “explore” the data source, the queries there are working fine.

It looks like Grafana is failing to retrieve the datasource when making API requests to itself, it seems to be pulling the entire JSON object for the datasource rather than just the ID value:

This could be an issue with our plugin; just to make sure we’ve tested on the same platforms; are you hosting your Octopus and Grafana on Windows or on a *nix OS?

I’ll report this to our integrations engineers to see if they have any more information that can point us to a solution or if this is simply a bug that needs to be looked at from our side.

Thank you for letting us know and I’ll update this post as soon as I have more information for you.

Kind Regards,

We’re hosting both on Windows.
Grafana v8.3.3 (30bb7a93c)

Thank you for having a look at this.

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