Dashboard project name flows into next row

(colin) #1


Just installed to play around with this - looks like a really cool product.

One thing I found that you might want to look at is I created a project with a name like ‘Test Deployment Service’ and the text flows into the next row on the dashboard.

Keep up the good work!




(Paul Stovell) #2

Ouch, thanks Colin, I’ll fix that in the next release.


(seth.orell) #3


Here is a similar screenshot of a dashboard (in Chrome 19) with two projects (Account Matcher & Alert Engine) and 10 environments. We will likely run with 10-20 projects and a dozen environments, so this is a realistic setup for our company.

Let me know if I can provide any other input or test something out for you. I love the new features.


(Paul Stovell) #4


This is fixed in build


(seth.orell) #5

I installed this today and it appears to fix the problem I had. Thanks for the update.


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