Dashboard filtering doesn’t work as expected

(Kamil B) #1

As below thread was closed I’m opening new one.

Dashboard filtering doesn’t work as expected

Where are we with this fix?

We’ll be shipping a fix for this soon https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/5861

Bug was reported at March, github issue at September. It’s end of October and we’re nowhere with it.

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(Ziaul Islam) #3

Hi Kamil,

Sorry to see you are hitting this issue.

To help further, could I ask what version are you using for Octopus?

The GitHub issue states that it would affect versions 2019.8.5 and below:

If you upgrade to a version passed 2019.8.5 to a version higher 2019.8.6, this should no longer be an issue if I’m not mistaken.

I would recommend following this guide if you were to do so:

I hope this information has been useful to you.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out.

Kind regards,

(Kamil B) #4

Hi Ziaul,
github issue was reported when 2019.8.5 was newest version possible. This issue persists on 2019.10.1 (which we’re running)

(Ziaul Islam) #5

Hi Kamil,

Thank you for getting back to me with the version you are using.

I have Highlighted this to our engineers who will discuss this first thing in the morning.

They will get back to me as soon as they have a solid plan of action to fix this bug.

Thank you for your patience in the matter.

Kind regards,


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(Kartik Gupta) #6

Hi Kamil,

I am sorry for all the trouble you have had with the dashboard and the time it has taken to get a resolution to your issue. We, in the engineering team, have had a good look at the dashboard filtering and are looking to implement the following:

  • Split out the errors and warnings into separate filters so you can choose one or both.

  • Make sure the total number of projects on the dashboard filter don’t change i.e the “y” in “x out of y” should not change.

  • The UI should make it obvious and clear any time a filter is applied.

If you are happy to participate in some user research I would like to find out from you which filtering you use on the dashboard most and what information you gather from glancing at the dashboard day-to-day?


(Kamil B) #7

Hello Kartik,
I’m happy to hear that you’ll go going to make changes to how dashboard works. For me the most important things would be:

  • separating errors from warnings
  • allow to display only projects with errors -> currently there is a configuration to set number of project to show + errors. It would be easier to understand what’s going on when I would filter to [All projects, All errors]
  • It would be nice to have a possibility to configure more than one dashboard or define “views” in it.


  • we have over 400 projects (and growing)
  • we have 20 project groups (and growing)

On daily basis I’m monitoring about 6 groups of projects with total of almost 200 projects. Now it’s really hard to find what’s really going one at a glance. First thing in a morning I wan’t to know if something failed, but with a scroll being that long:

and not projects loaded
it’s really hard to quickly catch all problems.

Time to time I wan’t to check all projects health, but now I find it rather impossible due to problems I pointed above.