Damaged Project, unable to repair

I had 2 variable sets attached to my project, decided not to use it anymore, so I deleted the variable set, went back to release and it kept saying it was missing the variable set, unfortunately since it was deleted, no way to add it back in as it was looking for the VariableSet-1 which doesnt exist anymore, no way to deattach from project anymore, and when I delete project and try again, says Project already exists, even tho it was removed, only way was to create a new project with a different name

Create a project
Create 2 variable sets
Attach variable sets to project
Delete variable set 1
Create release
Recieve error missing variable set 1
Delete project
Try to recreate project and unable

Hi Lee,

Thanks for getting in touch! There was a bug where we allowed variable sets to be deleted when they had an active project, but that is now fixed (2.5.10).
However for your project. When Octopus deletes an item, it marks it as deleted in the database, and then there is a task to actually delete it.
I would guess that this task has timed out, and thus you cannot recreate the project. So re-running the task will allow you to reuse the name

Let me know what you find


I went ahead and upgraded to the latest version and everything seems to be going fine now, was using version 2.9.5