Customer specific modules

I am currently looking for a solution to deploy a core module (IIS site) which will be the same for every customer and customer specific extension modules which should only be deployed to the specific customer.

Currently I have everything set up for the core and this is already working perfectly. The extensions for the customers are only some additional dll files which have to be added to a subfolder of the website. So I think the perfect solution would be a core project in octopus which creates the website and an additional project which only has the specific extensions, but I am not sure how to solve this.


Thanks for the question. I assume you need to deploy a copy of the Core project for each customer, so that each customer gets their own Website?

I think the only way to approach this currently would be to set up the project once, and then clone it for each customer and modify the steps to also deploy the additional DLL.


The problem is that I have a lot of variables set up for the core project. If I just copy the project for every customer it would mean that if there is a change to some of the variables I would have to change these variables in every project.

We are also in the same situation.

At the moment, we have gone down the route of having seperate customer specific projects rather than cloning the product project. It does though that we have to deliver via 2 seperate deployments, remembering to do the product install first, and then the customer specific deployment. If there is a nicer way of managing this I would love to know!