Custom versionning by channels

i am wondering how to achive release versionning using a template for my scenario :

I have a project which include 15 components (deploy package for each component).
As different teams are working on this project, I want to deploy partially the project with a set of components. It makes sense for our context to deploy partially only in integration environment. For the rest of the environments (preprod/prod) i want to deploy totally my project.

So i created appropriate lifecycle and channels for each partial deployment and for the total deployment :
Channel 1 includes components 1,2,3,4
Channel 2 includes components 5,6,7,8
Channel 3 includes components 9,10,11,12,13,14,15

When i create a new release of channel 1, i want my release to be 1.0.n. when i create a new release of channel 2, i want my release to be 1.0.n+1.

Does it make sense ?

Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for getting in touch! This can be achieved by using the Generate version numbers using a template option under settings in your project.
There is an example of this that can be shown with the Show examples button Octopus.Version.(Last|Next)(Major|Minor|Patch|Build|Revision|Suffix)

You should be able to create your own template in this section with your channels/versions. So as an example it could look something like the following:

I have attached a screen shot of the page where this can be done.

Let me know how you get on.