Custom Installation Directory

Good day!

I’ve an application which I would like to install in multiple path (to run multiple instance of application). I used the custom install directory option. Under variable section, created a common variable ‘path’ with value as the location of the multiple paths where I want the application to be installed… like C:\Dhana\A01 and C:\Dhana\A02 and so on… then pass the variable #{path} in the app deployment step.

But during release, I see the package gets installed only to first path - C:\Dhana\A01 but not in any other folders. How can I get the application installed in multiple folders.

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Hi Dhana,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m not sure how you are specifying multiple paths but I have to assume you have a single package step. There is no way to define multiple paths inside a single package step.

You have three choices if you want to copy your files to more than the one directory you can define in the package step.
Just as a note I am assuming it is all on the same machine, and you don’t need to do any further transformations or changes to the files once moved.
First option: Use a package step, and define one of your directories as the custom installation directory. Then have subsequent PowerShell steps to copy those files to your other directories that you need to copy it to.
Second option: Have multiple Tentacle instances on your destination machine, define a custom install directory variable for each and scope it to the machine listed in Octopus and then deploy to all the Tentacles in a single deployment.
Third option: Have a single package step per directory you need to copy to.

Now the second or third options would mean that the package is copied x many times, so it would make the most sense if you had specific transforms or need different copies of the files.
The easiest would be the first option.

Please let me know if you would like specific steps or details on how to proceed and which option you would prefer.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the clarification, Vanessa. I’ve used option 1 and it all looks good… :slight_smile:

Dhana Sekar. A

Hi Dhana,

Great to hear it.

Happy Deployments!