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I’m trying to get a deploy a package step working properly with a custom installation directory. The step has been set to deploy against targets with a specific role. These targets are all in Azure and we’re using App Services.

It looks like the custom directory path doesn’t seem to work as it always extracts the file into wwwroot.

I’m trying to extract a tar.gz file so I was wondering if that might be an issue?

Also , with the custom install directory, I’m hoping to somehow be able to specify exactly the directory where all the files extracted will go into. Is that possible?

Say I want to extract everything in the package into C:\home\site\wwwroot\my-custom-dir. How would I do that?

Hi @tambunansamuel,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Due to restrictions with how Azure deployments function the custom installation directory feature won’t work for these deployments.

Rather than using the basic deploy a package step we have specific Azure steps for Azure web apps and Azure App services. You may be able to use the Physical Path field within the Deploy an Azure Web App step to achieve the same result as the custom installation directory feature.


Thanks Paul. Looks like it’s working :slight_smile:

Perhaps in the future octopus can provide a warning if it’s detecting that we’re deploying a package to azure web apps.

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