Custom Install Folder on Linux

Is there a way to have this process run as sudo privileges at all?

This part is failing for us, permissions denied, since the destination install folder is owned by root.

I got around the problem for now by issuing chown and chmod commands to give the group the octopus deploy user belongs to read and write permissions on the destination folder.

It appears that for the custom install folder, octopus is actually executing c# code since I see a stack trace in the error message. If this is the case, having an option to run the code using sudo via ssh could solve the problem, as long as the user is set to NOPASSWD:ALL in the sudoers file so it does not prompt for a password.

Hi Luke,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The workaround you’ve used is the correct way to do it. We rely on you to set the permissions so each step will succeed.

You can run sudo commands, but only in your own scripts. In this case, you could run a bash script prior to this step to create folders and set permissions using sudo, but it’s safer simply to make sure the account has the required permissions before starting.

Hope that helps!