Cumulative release notes with deployments


We’ve been trying to figure out a good, clean way to aggregate release notes for our production deployments. We can generate them pretty easily within TeamCity when creating the release, but not every release gets deployed to production; so, when a release is promoted to production there’s not a simple way to see what went into it. We were planning on using the Approval Comments field for this, but it looks like that is gone in 2.0. I also thought of adding something to the Artifacts for the deployment, but I can’t find any information about what that is or how to put stuff into it.

Our goal is to have more visibility inside of Octopus into what (is going/has gone) to production. Do you have an suggestions on the best way to do that?


Hi Jon,

What if, on each release, you just put the current release notes (e.g., the 2-3 bugs fixed in this release), and during a deployment we made it possible to show a rollup of all the release notes between the last deployment to the environment and the current one?

E.g., when deploying to Production, we’d show a list of all the release notes between the previous production deployment and the current production deployment.

(Come to think of it, you could use our API to build something like this already)


Paul, that would be great, it’s exactly what we need, particularly if that information was also displayed when looking at completed deployment tasks. I can see how we could pretty easily collect this information via the API, but not how to present it in the Octopus UI.

Thanks for your response!


Is this still being looked into? It would definitely be a great addition as it allows release managers to easily see what they are promoting from one environment to another without having to look through all the intermediate releases.



Thanks for getting in touch. This has not been implemented. A uservoice sugestion was created for it, but appartently it didnt get enough love from the community. If you’d like to see it implemented, please add some votes to this suggestion so we can consider it for future releases.