Ctrl+Click is broken for projects

We are running on prem. the current version we have is 2021.1 (build 7608).

When I am in Octopus, and I select the projects drop down, I used to ctrl+click on a particular project to open it in a new tab. For a while now (probably months), that’s been broken… it looks like the redirect that usually does a variable replacement automatically is broken (new tab url = https://octopus.imo-online.com/:spaceId(Spaces-[0-9]+)?/projects/Projects-3562 when it should be


This used to work.

Note it is ctrl + left click

Hi @lbrody,

Thanks for reaching out on our support forum and welcome to the community!

Do you get the same result when using the middle mouse button on the link?

I am looking forward to hearing back from you.


Hey @lbrody,

It looks like a colleague of mine has logged a bug for this issue which you can track here - CTRL+click in project switcher to open project in new tab opens broken page · Issue #6812 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub.

You could try to upgrade past the affected version as this issue hasn’t been reported in later version.


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