Creation of new Deployments via the API seems to be broken

I’m updating some internal tools we use as part of our CI process so that we can trigger creation of new releases and deployment to our ‘unstable’ environment directly from our CI tool.

Everything works excellently - I can locate the environment and project, grab the latest package version from the package feed, and create new releases with appropriate package versions. I’ve been using the source code for octo.exe as a guide.

However, when I POST a new Deployment to /api/projects/projects-_xyz_/releases/releases-_wxyz_/deployments, octopus never seems to actually send me a HTTP response. Consequently, my HTTP request always times out!

Do I need to do anything special when creating a deployment, or is this a bug?


Actually, ignore me.
I assumed (wrongly) that the POST which creates the deployment would return the location of the new deployment in the location header of the response. It actually returns the location of the Release the new deployment is associated with.