Creating tenanted release but ends up untenanted

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Hi Octopus Deploy

We create a new release, it works that far, we can see it in the release view on the project.

but it is not assigned to a tenant. It ends up a “untenanted”. This was a surprise because we stated “–tenant=‘TM1 ABC’” in the command.

Here is the command we use:
octo.exe create-release --server= --apikey=SECRET --project=TM1 --enableservicemessages --version=2019.2.4.43 --packageversion=2019.2.4.43 --tenant=‘TM1 ABC’ --logLevel=verbose

What could be the problem?

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Thanks for getting in touch. The create release action does not support supplying Tenants. The release doesn’t have a concept of a Tenant, it’s just a bag of versions, packages and channels.

The deployment what is Tenant specific, that’s where Tenants help drive where your application will be deployed.

Have a look at the Deploy-release documentation and you’ll see the --tenant parameter there, also --tenanttag if/when you also use Tenant Tags.

Let us know if you hit any further issues.


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Thanks Nick for your reply.

Ok, what is then the idea with the ”—tenant” flag in the create-release call?


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In the documentation under Release creation: there’s no listed --tenant flag, it’s only the Deployment: section. Because it’s all one list of commands on the website and when you do --help that may be the confusing part.

So it just doesn’t apply the create-release command.


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Yes, that is what happened

Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: