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Do we have any reporting options in Octopus deploy server.If yes ,Please let us know

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Thanks for reaching out and for your question.

The best place to get information on our Reporting integration is from our documentation, which can explain it better than I can: Reporting - Octopus Deploy.

As further reading to this, we have some blog posts that can provide additional information, which can be found here:

Thanks again for reaching out, I hope this information helps answer your questions.

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Can we collect any reports like projects successfully deployed , users created as in Octopus etc .

Please guide us what all reports can be available

The reporting linked to above is generally focused on deployments. So, it would provide insight into the number of deployments, whether they were successful or failed, and what projects, environments, tenants they are linked to.

For any additional reporting, such as users created in Octopus, you would need to create your own tools to generate.
Octopus is built API-first, so, anything that you can do or view within the UI can be accessed via the REST API.
You would need to familiarise yourself with the REST API to determine where the information that you want reporting on sits and then create the scripts to retrieve and display it as required.

We do have a sample script repository that can provide a good place to start.

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