Creating releases for multiple projects

On your coordinating multiple projects page you describe a “parent” project that releases several “child” projects:

Am I correct in thinking that, to run “voltron”, you need to manually create the releases for “red”, “blue”, “green” and “black” first & separately?

is there a way to automatically create these releases when creating a “voltron” parent release?

If not are there plans to add such a feature? It seems suboptimal that I would have to create 5 releases manually here.

When using the “Deploy a Release” step it is assumed that the child projects already have a release created.

These releases can be created by configuring a build pipeline to create the release within those projects when it pushes the package to Octopus using the Octopus plugin or the octo CLI

Or you can look into Automatic Release Creation for those projects to enable them to create a new release whenever they detect a new package is uploaded.

Finally, there is a community step named “Chain Deployment” that performs a similar function to “Deploy a Release” but does allow you to configure the release to be created by the step.


Thanks, auto-release-creation looks like it will work well for our use-case.

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