Creating Release time showing error

Hi, I was stuck while creating the release error showing - * No package version was specified for the step ‘Deploy to IIS’

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi @abbas.valuesol,

I’m sorry that you’ve hit a couple of issues in quite short succession.

You may benefit from watching a couple of our introductory videos on creating packages and deploying packages.

We also have documents regarding both those topics, if you would prefer.
Packaging Applications
Deploying Packages

Just a couple of quick questions to help determine what might be going wrong.

Does the package you’ve provided have a semantic version scheme ?
Are you using the Built-in Package Repository?
If so, does your version number appear next to the package (under the “Highest version” column) when you navigate to “Library”, “Packages”?

When you created the release, did you select a version or input a version for release?

This should help steer us towards a solution.





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