Creating non-AD users when AD authentication is selected


We’ve configured our Octopus Server to use AD authentication and this works great. However, we have received questions from customers whether they can get access to our Octopus installation and we’d rather not include them as users in AD.

We could use the Guest login, but this won’t work if customer A and customer B both want access to their project, and their projects only.

Is there any way to do what I’m describing here in the current version of Octopus?



Hi Karoline,

Thanks for getting in touch! If you use AD then you only have the option to create a service user (which cannot login only use the API) outside of your AD users.
It’s pretty unlikely we would consider changing this as it is relied upon for many companies security policies.

Sorry if it’s bad news!

Thank you, Vanessa!

I suspected that this was the case, we’ll simply have to add the customers to AD if they want access then.

Have a nice day!