Creating a release set for later deployment, when the final NuGet packages may not be available yet

This question may have been addressed already, but could not immediately find a discussion on it.

We are in-process of implementation Octopus Deploy in our organization, and it looks like the octo.exe utility could be set up in a job scheduler to automatically deploy releases at night, for example.
I see Octopus supports deploying at a later time, which is good, however we’re wondering about setting up a repeating schedule, if we wanted.

It looks like octo.exe needs to be given the version number of a package to deploy, unless I missed something.

Is there a way to tell either Octo.exe or the Octopus GUI to deploy version say 5.0 of packages at a later time, if version 5.0 does not yet exist?


Hi Jim,

Thanks for getting in touch. It is not possible to set up a release for later if the package doesn’t exist. As for the recurring deployments, its also not possible at the moment, but we do have a Uservoice request for it. Please try to add some votes if you’d like to see this implemented in upcoming releases.

I’d recommend you for the time being to rely on Octo.exe just for the release/deployment creation, and then use another tool like the Task Scheduler or your build server’s scheduling features to call Octo.exe

Sorry its not better news