Creating a release for 180 tenants causes high CPU


(adam.white) #1

We have some projects that are tenanted for 180 tenants. When we create a release and choose tags that bring in those tenants the CPU and memory within Chrome goes bonkers and the page sits there for up to 5 minutes with the Deploy button greyed out.

The number of tenants we support is increasing all the time so I can only see this issue getting worse.

(Jayden Platell) #2


Thank you for getting in contact with us, and my apologies for the time taken to get back to you.

I’ve done some investigation of the issue you’ve described, and I can definitely see a performance degradation once you get into those large numbers of tenants. I’m working on developing a fix for this problem, and I’ve created an issue in GitHub which you can track here.

I’ll be in touch when I have more information this issue. Thanks again for bringing this issue to our attention.


(John Simons) #4

Hi Adam,

We are still looking into this issue and it is taking a bit longer then expected.
In the meantime, you can use the old portal by modifying the url, eg:


(John Simons) #7

Hi Adam,

Just to let you know that version 2018.5 contains a fix for this issue.
This new version should be a lot faster to load, please let us know what you think.


(adam.white) #8

Great news John. As soon as we have installed and tested I’ll let you know how it performs.

Also, thank you a lot for the oldportal# tip. That made deploying to our 180 tenants much easier last week!


(John Simons) #9

Hi Adam,

Bad news, we found a critical issue in v 2018.5 and had to roll this fix back.
I’ll report back once we have another release with this fix.

Really sorry for the inconvenience

(adam.white) #10

We’ve just upgraded to 2018.6 and can see the deployment for 200+ tenants has been improved. There is still a lag as the data is loaded but nowhere near as bad as before. Thanks